VALUE: $300/month

Each workout is designed to help you to burn fat and maximize your results. We do something called High Intensity Interval Training where we combine strength training, cardio, and core work in a 30-minute FULL BODY workout. These types of workouts put your body into a faster metabolic state where you’re burning fat for 24-48 hours AFTER you work out with us.

1. Unlimited access to over 45 high energy weekly sessions at our indoor facility.
2. Sessions that are taught by a certified trainer to make sure you are safe and motivated.
3. Access to our sessions from early morning, mid-morning, lunch hour, afternoon and evening.
4. Our workouts are a 30 minute, HIIT style workout to target all the problem areas and will not only make you feel better but also look better in half the time!
5. Complete workout guide with at-home and travel workouts that you can use if you can’t make it to a session or are traveling.




One of our large focuses is on support and accountability. We designed our program so that you are guided, supported and motivated every step of the way. One of our favorite parts of the program is the people. It’s like a family atmosphere. There’s no judgment and everyone is super supportive and encouraging of each other goals!

1. Weekly check ins by one of our accountability coaches to make sure you’re on track with your goals.
2. Missed a week? Expect that one of our accountability coaches to call you to make sure you’re on track.
3. Goal consultations to maximize your membership. In these 30 minute sessions, we DIVE into your goals and create a roadmap on how you will get there.
4. Complete access to our closed group on Facebook where we like to engage and interact with each other. We post daily about weekly challenges, recipes, and training videos, and we share articles and tips on how to stay healthy and fit!


VALUE: $97/month

80% of our client’s success is held through our nutrition approach, which is the most important part of our program. We like to start off all of our new members on our signature 28 Day meal plan which includes day-by-day meal plans, a weekly grocery list, complete recipe book, and a success manual to get the most out of your first 28 days! There after we transition you into a nutritional/coaching platform called Precision Nutrition. We’ve partnered up with the leading nutrition experts to maximize not only health goals, but life goals as well. There is no other nutrition platform like Precision Nutrition. With its habit-based approach, you get daily lessons, weekly habits, and tracking tools to get the most out of your transformation.

1. Complete access to ProCoach which is our nutritional coaching platform with 52 weeks of daily nutritional lessons and habits that will keep you on track and maximize your goals.
2. Bi-weekly measurements and weigh ins.
3. Unlimited access to all of our meal plans, including 28 day, 6 week, and 8 weeks of done-for-you meal planning.


VALUE: $147 – $247

We believe in setting goals that are S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-based) which is what our transformation challenges are built around. In these challenges, we LASER FOCUS for anywhere between 4-8 weeks on a specific goal. Once achieving your goals, we reward our members by giving away get-aways, or thousands of dollars in cash and prizes for committing and reaching your goals. Of course a true transformation takes more than 4-8 weeks, but it’s a good incentive toward members who want a little extra accountability or have a specific goal they would like to accomplish in a shorter amount of time.

1. 50% off the challenge. This will cover your participation, meal plan, and “after party” expenses.
2. Entry to win prizes (for example, Las Vegas Getaway, cash, FitBits, iPads).


We offer flexible training options to suit all levels of fitness